Racist D.C. Mayor Says Immigrants Not Welcome In Her City
Politics · Jul 18, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In a stunning display of unbridled racism and cruelty, D.C. Mayor Bowser stated on Face The Nation that immigrants are not welcome in her city.

"We don't have room for any more breakfast tacos, er... I mean Latinx in our city," said Bowser. "Our city is a beautiful beacon of hope for corrupt politicians, dirty cops, and sex traffickers, and we don't wish to have it tainted by working-class Mexicans. Go back to where you came from, Mexicans!" Bowser then cracked a leather horse whip for emphasis.

The mayor's stunning comments come as hundreds of illegal immigrants are being bussed into D.C., taking up valuable resources that should be going to D.C. residents made homeless by her policies.

"We have a really good thing going here," said Bowser. "I fear that these immigrants might bring their immigrant work ethic and make all our politicians feel inadequate. We can't let that happen!"

Mayor Bowser is forcefully stating that any immigrants caught in her fair city will be caged and sold to Hunter Biden.

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