Progressive Church Releases Statement Of Doubt
Church · Aug 11, 2021 ·

PORTLAND, OR - Sojourn Collective, a local progressive church - or rather, a "faith community" - has put a statement of doubt on its website stating everything they don't believe.

The statement lists all the historically accepted truths of the Christian faith and systematically rejects each and every one. From the Bible being inerrant and God existing to Jesus being our savior and coming one day soon to judge the wicked, every single thing Christians have historically believed is called into question by the brave statement of doubt.

"We want to boldly declare to everyone attending this church all the things we don't believe," said the pastor, Reverend Wendy Rayne Meadows (she/her). "Doctrinal statements are helpful in that they can establish who's in and who's out. And everyone's in here, because we really don't believe anything. Seriously, what do we believe? Can anyone help me? I'm really struggling here."

Meadows says it has strangely been hard to grow the church as it's tough to convince people to come to a church that doesn't belive anything in specific. According to her, people would rather just hang out at a pub or go to a sports game, since "at least we know what we're doing here."

"But we do have nice potlucks," she was quick to add.

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