Pro-Choice Group Apologizes For Video That Accidentally Humanized The Unborn
Worldviews · Nov 13, 2018 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - After the Agenda Project's three-year-old ad in which a baby is shown with the caption "She deserves to be a choice" was unearthed, the progressive think tank faced severe backlash from pro-life groups and anyone else with a modicum of conscience.

The group has since come forward and apologized for accidentally humanizing the unborn in the video.

"We are extremely sorry for making it appear as though unborn babies are 100% biological humans. That was never our intention," said an Agenda Project representative. "We see now that footage of a human baby whose life we would gladly see snuffed out is probably not the best way to advance our agenda."

Fellow progressives also blasted the ad, claiming that the video makes it obvious that the far left is OK with killing babies. "We don't want to let on that we know the unborn are human," said former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. "That would give up the game. So for this ad to equate a human child with an unborn human child is beyond the pale for the pro-choice movement."

"Just to be clear, our official position is to never let on that we know the unborn are biologically human. Just yell something about your body being your choice if someone tries to corner you on that," she added.

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