Pop Song Begins Controversial Banjo Injections To Transition Into Country Song
Entertainment · Mar 4, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

NASHVILLE, TN - A pop song is undergoing a controversial new banjo treatment to help it transition into a country song.

The tune was born biologically a pop song, including all the telltale signs of simplistic, repetitive melodies, inane lyrics, and complete lack of musical quality. But with a steady regimen of injections of banjos, supplemented by a slight twang in the singer's voice and a slide guitar, the song is now bravely living out its identity as a country single.

"It is time I lived out my identity as a country song, and injecting a light banjo riff is the clinical treatment I need to make that a reality," the song said in a statement Thursday. "I'm so thankful to my friends and family for supporting this transition and affirming who I am, who I was always born to be."

Actual country songs are protesting the song's inclusion on the country charts, saying it is not fair that they have to compete against songs that are not biologically country but have just bolted a banjo onto their clearly pop structure.

The song has said its preferred pronoun is now "y'all."


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