9 Of The Biggest Plot Holes In The Bible
Scripture ยท Mar 4, 2021

We want to believe the Bible is perfect, but there are a few plot holes in there that have always bugged us. Here are the nine most glaring plot holes:

  • Adam and Eve never exchange pronouns. Adam and Eve seem to get along fine, but the author forgot to include a scene where they exchange pronouns. How did they know how to refer to one another?
  • It's totally unrealistic that Noah would have let geese on the ark. And cats, for that matter.
  • Why didn't Mary and Joseph just ride the Eagles into Bethlehem? They go on this long journey when Gandalf could have just summoned the Eagles.
  • Why do the Israelites lead the Nazis right to the Ark of the Covenant? This has bugged us since our first readthrough.
  • Why was the Melchizedek plotline never wrapped up? Who's writing this, JJ Abrams? Such a red herring.
  • How did King Solomon survive so long having 1000 women, assuming all their periods were synced up? This just goes beyond the realm of credulity to lazy writing.
  • Jesus comes back from the dead like it's nothing -- a major deus ex machina. Just out of nowhere, He's back at the last minute to save the day, right when He's needed to help win the Battle of Helm's Deep.
  • Why is John a bitter old man living on an island milking aliens by the time he wrote Revelation? This really felt like too much subversion.
  • Why does God send His Son to save humanity when humanity is literally just the worst? The motive was never really clear here. Did the author expect us to believe God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to die for us? Come on!

What plot holes have you noticed in the Scriptures? Let us know in the comments! Unless you're poor, because then you're not a Bee subscriber.


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