Pop Singer Surprised To Learn Her Music Considered Christian
Entertainment · Jan 25, 2017 · BabylonBee.com

NASHVILLE, TN - Popular recording artist Jennifer Collier was surprised Wednesday night to learn that her hit song Everything I've Ever Wanted was considered a Christian track, upon hearing it on the radio and discovering that it was playing on a Christian station.

"Turn it up!" she reportedly told her driver, after which everyone in the car danced to the song before the DJ shattered the mood by reciting the station's tagline, "Shining the light of Jesus in a dark world."

"Wait, they're playing my song on a Christian station?" a puzzled Collier reportedly remarked.

"I just wanted to sing professionally, so I signed a contract and I just sing whatever words they put in front of me," Collier told reporters after the incident. "I had no idea the song was Christian - it doesn't say anything about God or Jesus, or anything like that. Just vague inspirational stuff about being happy, lights, fire, and floods, mostly."

"I guess I should have figured it out because the music sounded so dated. It all kind of makes sense now," she added.


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