‘Play Hallelujah Chorus!' Shout Hecklers To Handel At 18th-Century Reunion Tour
Entertainment · Dec 22, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

HALLE, DUCHY OF MADEBURG — A band of rowdy concert-goers took to heckling Baroque master George Frederich Handel and his orchestra at the group's reunion tour over the weekend.

"PLAY HALLELUJAH CHORUS!" shouted one audience member as Handel began conducting his 12 Concerti Grossi, Opus 6. "GET TO ‘FOR THE LORD GOD OMNIPOTENT REIGNETH!' WOOOOOOOOOO!"

The composer was seen sighing and taking a moment to breathe deeply while leading his musicians during Water Music Suites as fans shouted more requests for him to play from his smash hit Messiah.

"I put a lot of thought into the set list for this tour," Handel told reporters. "We haven't been together in 35 years. I thought our die-hard fans would love a few of the other classics but NO. It's always ‘Play Messiah!'. I wrote like, 150 other works, you know."

Handel finally placated fans at the end of the set by conducting a few selected pieces from his Messiah and ended the night with a rousing cover of Bach's beloved Air On A G String.

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