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Plastic Container With 'Totally Legit Ballot Box' Label Found At Florida Polling Place

BROWARD COUNTY—A plastic container with a printed-out label reading "TOTALLY LEGIT BALLOT BOX" was found left behind at a polling site in Broward County, officials revealed Wednesday morning.

An anonymous caller named Jorge Saurus tipped election administers off to the box of uncounted ballots.

"Welp, looks like we've got to count this one too," an election official said. "It says it right on there in official-looking, typed-up Comic Sans, so it's probably legitimate."

According to officials, every ballot inside the container had a stamp reading "ACTUAL BALLOT, DEFINITELY NOT FRAUDULENT OR ANYTHING" on it, lending additional credence to the box's claim of authenticity.

"If the box had said "Not legit ballot box" or "probably fraudulent on the outside, well then of course we'd be suspicious," the official continued. "But as it stands, we've got to include this box in the vote."

The official also revealed the discovery would add more votes for them to count and as such delay the final tally by up to six months.

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