Phil Vischer Releases VeggieTales Episode 'LarryBoy And The Dangerous Christian Nationalists'
Christian Living · Dec 9, 2023 ·

U.S. — VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer has announced a new episode that will feature superhero LarryBoy taking on his most dangerous foe yet: anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables who want to live in a Christian nation.

The episode will see LarryBoy team up with new sidekick Russell Asparagus to defeat the grapes and carrots who do evil things like pray and vote. "LarryBoy will demonstrate the love of Jesus by crushing those working towards the establishment of a Christian society," explained Vischer. "Christian morality guiding society is literally the biggest threat to humanity today. We hope this episode shows how incredibly heroic it is for people like me, Phil Vischer, to viciously destroy Christians trying to do terrible things like stop baby murder."

The plot revolves around the grapes and carrots voting for a mean orange named "Donny" in order to stop the murder of baby grapes. LarryBoy shows up just in time, firing a plunger at carrot protesters outside Planned Veggiehood and helping kill off the baby grapes once and for all. The eponymous hero then heads off to a school board meeting to fire a plunger at carrot parents concerned about schools showing adult carrot images to baby carrots.

At publishing time, Vischer had announced another episode where a boy onion learns that he makes everyone cry because he's white.

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