People More Likely To Believe In Hell After Shopping At Walmart
Theology · Dec 13, 2019 ·

U.S. - A lot of people don't believe in hell anymore, thinking the concept of a place of eternal torment is archaic.

But one new study suggests people are much more likely to believe in the concept of hell after shopping at Walmart, especially during the Christmas season. From waiting in eternal lines to dealing with hundreds of not-quite-right customers throughout the store, people start to get what hell might be like.

After enduring the hellscape of a busy Walmart, people tend to be able to better conceive of a place where people are tortured for eternity.

"Honestly, it would be unjust for there not to be a hell," said one man after he waited for 30 minutes for someone to come unlock the Xbox games in the electronics department. "God is love, but He is also justice, and whoever runs this place needs to pay."

Representatives of hell confirmed they are getting some "pretty great ideas" for torture from Walmart's setup. Some theologians now believe hell is just waiting in a line for the one open register for all eternity.

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