Party Of Love And Progress Rejoices Over Death Of Political Opponent
Politics · Feb 17, 2021 ·

U.S. - Within minutes of the news of the death of Rush Limbaugh, Democrats, well known as the party of love, empathy, and progress, began to rejoice over the death of their political opponent.

The party that is known for standing against hate in all its forms, the party that has chanted "Love Trumps Hate!" for the last four years, the party that calls the other side hateful bigots who will be on the wrong side of history for their opposition to love and tolerance, all cheered loudly and danced on Limbaugh's grave on social media for much of the day Wednesday.

"Listen, hate has no home here -- wait, Limbaugh's dead? Wooohooooo!!!" shouted one progressive podcaster. "Today should be a national holiday!" She then jumped on Twitter and garnered thousands of likes and retweets for tweeting horrible things about a man she disagreed with.

Unfortunately for progressives everywhere, Limbaugh has announced he will continue broadcasting from the afterlife.


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