Open-Minded Programmer Only Works In Non-Binary Code
Lifestyle · Oct 18, 2017 ·

IRVINE, CA - Local forward-thinking, open-minded programmer Billy Cypress announced to his employer, a prominent video game developer, that he would only be working in non-binary code moving forward.

According to the self-described "advocate," after compiling his code, he opens a binary editor and replaces all the 1s and 0s generated by his programming to all sorts of other numbers and symbols - whatever feels right in his heart.

The coder says that he's attempting to be sensitive to bits who no longer identify as either "1" or "0," as part of a wider movement to "smash the binary code system." While his fellow programmers laugh at his attempts, Cypress is determined that his new non-binary system of encoding important data catch on.

"I can no longer in good conscience turn a blind eye to the oppressive systemic abuse of power that excludes bits who don't identify as either '1' or '0'," he said. "To demand that a marginalized digital bit identify with a number foisted upon it by a harmful system created by white males is extremely problematic. Code is a social construct."

"It is 2017, after all," he added.

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