Op-Ed: There's A Difference Between 'Cancel Culture' And Wanting To Throw Commies Out Of A Helicopter
Op-Ed · Feb 25, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

There's a lot of talk about "Cancel Culture" these days. That's when you say something so true, those liberals get all huffy and try to get you fired from your job. Of course, I'm not scared about that. For one thing, I'm retired. And even if they try to cut off my social security, I'll just live in the woods and eat squirrels and whatnot. I don't care. So good ole Frank is just going to keep saying what he thinks.

What I do not care for, though, is being slandered. And that's what happened when I was accused of being a part of cancel culture for saying we should throw commies out of a helicopter. Well, let's just say the guy who said such things about me is lucky he is safely behind a keyboard or he would have fared no better than a squirrel in the woods.

Let me educate you: Throwing commies out of helicopters is not the same thing as cancel culture. For one thing, commies are not human. Science in the '80s proved this -- that's real science before it got all woke and removed the X and Y chromosomes from biology and made up global warming. When the bad ideas of communism infect your brain, you lose all humanity and become something less than human: a commie. And that science also proved that commies are only good for two things: strangling and being thrown from high places.

Now again, these are just facts. And yet I got kicked off the Twitters for saying this because it was "violent." Now that's canceling. Commies killed over 100 million people last century, and yet they're all worried about little ole Frank who just wants to strangle a few people. That's messed up priorities. That's why the world is in such bad shape and everyone is hatless.

Anyway, it's all just theoretical. That's because my helicopter tour business got shut down because of the "accidents." There's more canceling for you!


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