Op-Ed: The Climate Is Trying To Transition And We Need To Support Him/Her/It
Op-Ed ยท Apr 20, 2020

The environment has been trying to express that it wants to transition for a while now, but the problem is that nobody is listening. It's no wonder rainfall is up and the world is expected to flood over in at least twelve years. The environment is weeping because it is trying to change and yet we choose not to believe it.

Climate change is an emotional decision, one that is not easy for any planet to make. The last thing our environment needs is a bunch of dogmatic environmental transphobes telling the environment who it should be based on some archaic ideas about polar ice caps and greenhouse gasses. What the environment needs most is to be listened to - not just listened to, but its truth believed.

For the environment, this transition isn't a choice and the more we raise our voices and scream out anti-climate change bigotry at the sky, the more our environment feels unsafe and unaccepted. We need to accept this, even if it means extreme changes to the weather and a shocking rise in human death. It may make you uncomfortable to be frozen, charred by the sun, or drowned in acid rain, but those are hangups you need to own and ask yourself why you think your personal views about natural disasters need to be imposed on others. We all need to check our privilege.

Every time we see a rainbow across the sky after a famine-devoured land has been swallowed up by a flash flood, that's our environment waving its flag bravely, looking for emotional support in a chaotic transition. Respect his/her/its pronouns, avoid harmful words, do the research. The environment is transitioning whether we like it or not. With our support, this can be a loving transition that is great for all who manage to survive (if any). But if we respond with nothing but weather-related stereotypes and unsupportive questioning, we're only asking for climate change to be more tumultuous and emotional than it needs to be.


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