Op-Ed: If The People Rittenhouse Shot Were White, I Bet He Would Have Been Convicted
Op-Ed · Nov 22, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

Once again, our country is facing racial injustice after Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted by claiming "self-defense." I can't help but think he would have been convicted if his victims were white.

We all know the story of Kyle Rittenhouse. He was filled with white supremacy, so he picked up a machine gun, crossed state lines, and then opened fire on peaceful protestors, killing three black men. And those people were there because they were protesting how a black man, Jacob Blake, was murdered by cops while shopping at a candy store, so it's more racial injustice on top of racial injustice.

I didn't watch any of the trial, but we know how it went down. White supremacy protected Rittenhouse with the judge barring any evidence against Rittenhouse, and the prosecution wasn't allowed to speak but was only allowed to make their arguments through miming. Classic tilting of the scales.

I've been so enraged by this whole ordeal that I've been careful to stay away from the specifics as I'm sure they would only trigger me. Some people suggest I got things wrong and try to correct me, but I plug my ears and scream, "LALALALALA!" at the top of my lungs when people do that because it's a common tactic of white supremacy to downplay racial injustice with "facts" and "video evidence."

We need to be angry. That's how we make change. And if details get in the way of that, it's our duty to ignore them.

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