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Op-Ed: I Don’t Want To Live In A World Where We Can’t Force Nuns To Kill Babies

Supreme Court, this time you’ve gone too far.

I stood by silently in 2014, when you allowed family-owned Hobby Lobby to provide its employees with a mere 16 out of 20 methods of birth control.

But now, here in 2020, when we are so much more enlightened, you let the Little Sisters of the Poor get away with not paying for their employee’s abortions.

I don’t want to live in a world where we can’t force nuns to kill babies.

I saw them yesterday on the courthouse steps, all wearing the same ostentatious grey habits, gleefully taunting us with their victory over women. I watched as these volunteer servants of the old, poor, and sick spouted off about religious liberty and the freedom of individual conscience.

Is this even America anymore?

What’s next, Justices? Allowing a Jewish synagogue to refuse to hire an avowed Nazi? This is a real slippery slope.

Don’t worry, Little Sisters of the Poor. We’re still out here and we’re coming for you. One day you’ll participate in killing the unborn. Or else.

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