Old Man By Pond Starting To Suspect Ducks Only Like Him For His Food

OSAKIS, MN—For years, Herman Blagg has spent every afternoon feeding the ducks at the pond near his house in rural Minnesota. The 83-year-old Blagg says he felt a warmth in his heart when the birds swam toward him as he arrived each day. He considered them his friends. However, recent events have caused the retired electrician to think the waterfowl do not reciprocate his affection. He suspects they may only like him for the food he provides.

According to Blagg, the troubling situation came to light three days ago. “Some kids and their dad had some bread on the other side of the pond, and as soon as my bag of corn was empty, the ducks swam right over to them. They didn’t even say goodbye.”

Blagg said the betrayal cut him deeper than he expected it would. He further admitted that some of the birds left for the kids and their bread even before he had run out of his cracked corn.

“I’d expect this kind of thing from geese, but not my ducks,” Blagg said. “I really thought we had something special. I guess I was wrong.”

Blagg is unsure if he will ever return to the pond in question.

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