Welcome To Our New Assistant Editor!
Premium · Aug 15, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

A little behind-the-scenes news today for the Beehive: Joel Berry, one of our staff writers, has been promoted to our new assistant editor. What does this mean? Well, he would be forced to fetch coffee for me, Ethan, and Dan and feather-dust Seth's Tesla, but he doesn't live anywhere near any of us. So, sadly, he will just be helping to run the site on a daily basis.

This means that when I'm recording podcasts for hours, Joel can continue banging out articles, chopping up some sick Photoshops, and running headlines up the flagpole for the coveted Kyle Mann greenlight. And if I am eventually tossed into the fiery furnace by Gavin Newsom, Joel can continue our important work.


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