Officer Jenny Suspended After Shooting Ash's Pikachu
Entertainment · Oct 2, 2019 ·

PALLET TOWN - Veteran of the police force Officer Jenny has been suspended with pay pending an investigation into an incident in which she shot Ash's pikachu during a routine house check.

Officer Jenny claimed she feared for her life after Pikachu said "Pika pika!" and turned its head sideways curiously. She was checking in on Ash after a neighbor had reported a domestic disturbance, though this later turned out to be Ash screaming at his Charizard to obey him as the giant fire lizard smugly refused and burned him to a crisp.

Officer Jenny heard Pokemon noises as she approached and pulled out her sidearm. She kicked the door in and immediately started firing, taking the small electric rat Pokemon down with seventeen rounds to the face as she screamed for everyone to get down on the ground. Nurse Joy showed up to administer aid, accompanied by several other medical professionals, including Nurse Joy and renowned physician Nurse Joy.

The officer and her partner, Officer Jenny, have been pulled off duty pending the investigation. Their patrol is being taken over by the police force's replacement officers, Officer Jenny and Officer Jenny.

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