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Ocasio-Cortez: 'We Need To Study Harder Than Republicans For These Upcoming Midterms'

NEW YORK, NY—Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in a campaign rally Tuesday that she's confident Democrats will do well in the upcoming midterms, so long as they "study the material hard and get a good night's sleep the day before."

Knowing the midterms are fast approaching, Ocasio-Cortez has spent much of her time studying hard "so I can get at least a B or B+."

"I'm an economics major so I know all about doing good in the midterms," she said. "We need to study a lot more than the Republicans, really hit the books hard."

Ocasio-Cortez stated she's not sure if the exams are multiple choice or written answer, but if they're multiple choice, "pick C if you're not sure because C is the right answer a lot of the time." She also suggested making designs on the Scantron sheet, "like Christmas trees or Stussy S's."

She also encouraged her fellow Democratic candidates to use other methods like forming a study group, using flashcards, and begging the teacher to grade on the curve.

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