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Obama Boasts That Obamacare Has Reduced Health Care Costs By Lowering Life Expectancy: 'Thank Me For That'

HOUSTON, TX—Former president Barack Obama bragged in a speech earlier this week that the Affordable Care Act has greatly reduced healthcare costs by lowering American life expectancy each year.

Obama pointed out that the horrible government-regulated healthcare system continues to contribute to lower life expectancy across the country, and that Americans could at least take a moment to say thank you to him for that.

"You know how you don't live as long anymore, and therefore don't have as many years to pay for healthcare? That was me," he said proudly. "It's like, just say thank you. How hard is that?"

The ex-president added that media outlets like Fox News refuse to cover his great accomplishments with Obamacare. "They look at their expected life length going down each and every year, and they don't even wonder why."

"Thank me for that," he said. Obama then waited for people to thank him. "Seriously, I'm waiting."

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