The New York Times And 8 Other Great Toilet Paper Alternatives
Sponsored · Oct 11, 2023 ·

Brought to you by: Bumroll

Everything's more expensive in this economy, including toilet paper! If you're looking to save some money on pricey bathroom tissue, here are a few equally viable alternatives for wiping your posterior.

Use these today and start saving:

  1. The New York Times: Starting with the obvious one here. This option is probably more expensive, but totally worth it.
  2. US Currency: Soft, strong, and utterly worthless!
  3. Expired Biblical prophecy books: It's probably safe to go ahead and use that book about Yasser Arafat being the Antichrist.
  4. US Women's Soccer Tickets: We think they're selling for around 5 cents per yard now.
  5. Any Stephen King novel written after 1996: What else are you gonna do with them? Read them?
  6. A copy of The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender: Buy several copies so you don't run out!
  7. That $300 parenting course that promised the perfect child in 20 days or your money back: Wipe your behind with their LIES.
  8. The scripts of all the Disney Star Wars TV shows: They're just on a flash drive, so it's more a symbolic gesture than actually helpful, but still a worthwhile statement to make.
  9. Nothing at all: California unhoused persons only.

NOT SATIRE: Stop using lousy Leftist toilet paper!

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Stop wiping your bum with woke liberal toilet paper! Now is the time to make the switch. Buy Bumroll today!

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