'Noah's Tent' Bar & Grill Opens At Ark Encounter

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY—Adding to the various food and drink options available at Answers in Genesis’ Ark Encounter attraction, “Noah’s Tent Bar & Grill” opened at the park earlier this week.

The restaurant includes a selection of food served two by two and “enough wine to make you pass out in a tent naked.”

According to the restaurant’s website, if you do happen to keel over blind drunk without your clothes, busboys have been instructed to walk toward you backward with a blanket in order to cover up your shame.

“Not only do you get to relive Genesis 6-8, but now you get to learn about Noah’s experience drinking too much wine in Genesis 9,” Ken Ham said at the opening of the pub. “You’ll see firsthand why tossing back too many cups of Noah’s finest isn’t a great idea.”

While many Ark Encounter guests have been hesitant to drink too much wine and accidentally expose themselves, Ham assured visitors that any waiter or busboy who makes a disparaging comment rather than covering you up will be “cursed for endless generations.”

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