New Throat Capo Lets Worship Leaders Hit Even Higher Notes
Church · Apr 9, 2019 ·

SPRINGSTEEN, IA - Trillo "Thunder" Benson, worship leader at Living Grace Community Church, stopped between songs on Sunday and casually placed a massive clamp on his throat. "Is that a throat capo?" pastor Herold reports saying to himself. In fact, it was a capo. A specially machined throat capo made specifically for Benson by one of his friends. Benson went on to sing octaves above everyone else in the church with ease.

"The throat capo is a lifesaver for guys like me who aren't classically trained," Benson explained later. "Just clamp it on and everything's the same only the notes are higher."

Benson says that other worship leader friends online have been asking about the invention. "This throat capo thing is huge," said investor Marlon Hambrick. "It's like handing out free octaves to any worship singer who wants them. Brilliant."

To benefit the entire worship leader community, Benson is working with a manufacturer to get the throat capo mass-produced. Soon, your own worship leader may be able to sing notes higher than humans ever thought possible to ensure the crowd can't sing along at all.

For more information on the throat capo, please visit Benson's solo artist page on Facebook or check out his SoundCloud.

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