New Study Bible For Women Has 30,000 Notes That All Say 'Go Ask Your Husband To Explain This To You'
Scripture · Jul 28, 2021 ·

U.S. - Zondervan, purveyor of many fine study Bibles, has released an exciting new study Bible just for women. This special edition of the Bible has over 30,000 notes, all of which just say "Go ask your husband to explain this to you."

Scholars who worked on the study Bible say they did extensive research over many years to distill down this excellent knowledge for all women who want to know more about the Bible and live out God's will for their lives. They did deep-dive word studies and examined thousands of sources to come to the best, most accurate meaning for each verse, then just put a note in there saying the woman should ask her husband to explain the verse to her.

"This is the perfect tool for the woman wanting to dig deeper into the Word of God," said Zondervan spokesperson Ian O'Poole. "If you have a question about any verse in the Bible, you just follow the little number - written in pink so even you won't miss it - and go check to see what the note says. Then, you go ask your husband, preferably not during the church service when it's disruptive but when you're back at home, and he will husbandsplain to you what the Bible actually means."

"If you're not married yet, well, you'd better get married quick so you too can understand the Bible!"

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