New 'Left Behind' Action Figures Just Empty Boxes
Entertainment · Jun 28, 2018 ·

U.S. - A new series of Left Behind action figures released to commemorate the cult classic Christian film starring Kirk Cameron is in fact just a set of empty boxes, publicists at toy and collectible manufacturer NECA announced Thursday.

The boxes containing characters that were raptured at the start of the series actually just contain nothing but air, in a design that's being called "bold and authentic" by toy reviewers.

"These figures will look great on any collector's shelf," a NECA rep said. "While Christian toy figures have traditionally been looked down on as 'low end' merchandise, we pulled out all the stops to make these figures something you can proudly set next to our DC Comics, Marvel, and other nerd culture lines of collectibles." The rep stated that the very biggest names in the industry designed the intricate sculpts, each of which is hand-painted by a NECA artist.

"You'll want to pick these up fast - don't be left behind," he added.

The company will also be releasing a collectible "Mark of the Beast" microchip you can really stick into your skin, and a deluxe Nicolae Carpathia figure with ominous cackling action, sources confirmed.


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