New Dave Ramsey 'Inspiration Cube' Insults You When You Try To Buy Something On A Credit Card
Celebs ยท Nov 10, 2020

U.S. - You may have seen Joel Osteen's Inspiration Cube that plays a series of soothing messages. Well, not to be outdone, Dave Ramsey has released his own Inspiration Cube that plays a series of brutal insults for when you're tempted to buy something on a credit card.

Press a button on the cube, and Ramsey will absolutely tear you to shreds for trying to buy things you can't afford.

The cube uses advanced technology, connecting to your WiFi network and detecting when you try to spend over your budget. "That's just stupid!" the cube shouts when it detects credit card usage. "What a moron! What are you thinking, dummy?!"

You can even go to sleep to the cube, and Ramsey will serenade you to sleep by shouting, "Stop buying things you can't afford!" throughout the night.

The Dave Ramsey Inspiration Cube is just $99, payable in enveloped cash only.


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