NBC News Edits Footage Of Michael Myers To Make It Look Like He's Just Handing Flowers To The Townspeople
Entertainment ยท Apr 23, 2021

NEW YORK, NY - NBC News has been caught editing footage of notorious murderer Michael Myers to take out his bloody knife and make him appear much less threatening.

The news station appears to have edited the knife out of all footage of Myers stalking and killing the townspeople and made it look like he's just handing them flowers. Now, the footage makes it seem like Myers just walks up to people who are way overreacting and clumsily tries to hand them flowers but instead just keeps bashing the flowers against their chests as they misunderstand his heartwarming gesture.

NBC News defended the editing decision, saying they just wanted to frame things fairly and equitably and to call Mr. Myers a "psychotic mass murderer from the depths of hell" would be racist and discrimnatory.


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