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Nation's Christians To Resume Work On Great Commission Now That Conservative Supreme Court Majority Achieved

U.S.—The nation's Christians announced their plan to resume working on fulfilling the Great Commission now that their primary task of achieving a majority on the Supreme Court has been achieved.

While evangelicals have labored relentlessly to claim the Supreme Court in the name of conservative politics over the past several years, they confirmed that they will be returning to Jesus's mission of making disciples of all nations, since their mission is accomplished.

"We'll get back to preaching the gospel and proclaiming Christ crucified, I guess," said one pastor in Virginia. "Now that the Supreme Court is leaning right, we've pretty much ushered in the Kingdom of God anyway."

"And Christ should return at any moment, thanks to our hard work jockeying for political power, so we better get busy," he added.

Though most Christians are in agreement that believers should return to working on evangelizing all nations, some stated they're planning on extending their break until after midterms. Still others said they'll work on the Great Commission until 2020, at which point they'll take another sabbatical in order to make sure Trump gets reelected.

"Jesus should be pretty happy with us, slaving away at reaching the nations for Him as long as there's not a big political goal for us to work toward," the pastor added.

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