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Nation Fondly Remembers Time When Liberals Advocated For Government Transparency

U.S.—On the day of the release of the infamous Nunes Memo, Americans all over the country stated they were “nostalgic” for the time when Democrats advocated for transparency in governance.

Citizens reminisced for the simpler era, before it became apparent that information released from a government agency could damage Democrats’ political careers.

“Man, remember when liberal Democrats prided themselves on their support for a transparent government? That was classic,” one man in Nebraska said Friday. “You kids wouldn’t know it these days, but there was a time when it was one of their big talking points.”

“Ah, to be young again!” he added wistfully while gazing out over a cornfield.

At publishing time, the nation had expressed its fondness for a bygone era when Democrats and Republicans alike pretended to care about the Constitution, sources confirmed.

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