'Narrow-Minded' Doctor Stripped Of Medical License For Prescribing Dying Patient Only What Would Cure Him
Health ยท Jan 12, 2017

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - Disease specialist Dr. Gary Antola was stripped of his license to practice medicine after prescribing only the cure that would effectively treat a dying patient, sources confirmed Thursday.

A statement issued by the Medical Board of California blasted the doctor's "dangerous methods" of openly informing patients that their only hope was in the one treatment that could save them, and Antola was further called a "narrow-minded bigot" for refusing to offer alternate treatments that he knew would doom the patient's chances of survival.

"In all my years on the board, I've never seen such closed-minded arrogance," one board member told reporters after the hearing. "He went so far as to tell the patient that continuing without the treatment would result in his death - can you believe the nerve of this guy?"

Board members claim Antola may have been employing his backwards methods of treatment for decades before authorities were finally alerted of his nefarious plans to encourage patients to try the only cures that might save their lives.

"Who knows how many hundreds of people have been hurt by this deranged zealot?" the board member added.


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