Nancy Pelosi Blinks 'Please Send Help' In Morse Code
Politics ยท Feb 5, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Analysts confirmed during the State of the Union address Tuesday evening that while Nancy Pelosi's rapid blinking may have appeared random, she was in fact sending a message: "Please send help" in Morse code.

"She's trying to tell us something," one commentator said. "It's---I think it's some kind of a message." Writing down Pelosi's series of long blinks and slow blinks, analysts quickly pieced together her desperate message: "please send help."

The full message was reportedly "Please send help STOP. Trump is a moron STOP. Why do I have to sit here for two hours listening to this dingbat STOP. Columbo is on and I'm missing it FULL STOP."


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