Mr. Nezzer's Chocolate Factory Under Investigation For Violating Child Labor Laws
Entertainment · Jun 23, 2020 ·

NEZZER CHOCOLATE FACTORY - An undercover investigation has revealed that local businesszucchini Mr. Nezzer may be violating child labor laws by employing vegetable minors to work in his chocolate factory.

The investigation revealed that Laura Carrot and Junior Asparagus, along with other underage veggies, are forced to work real hard in the chocolate factory. Working conditions are brutal, as they start at 8 and don't get lunch until 3.

"We all need a vacation," said a tearful Junior Asparagus. "We're getting very tired, but stopping gets us fired. It's terrible." Asparagus further alleges that shift manager Mr. Lunt gleefully shouts, "You can't! Ha!" whenever they ask if they can take a break.

In addition to the child labor charges, the report revealed that Mr. Nezzer is paying well under minimum wage, compensating employees "just a buck or two" for work the whole week through.

"We just want to send the money home to our families," said Laura Carrot. "Is that too much to ask?"

When questioned, Mr. Nezzer callously stated he didn't care about labor laws, doing what's right, or anything at all, "just the bunny."


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