Moved By Sight Of Homeless Man Asking For Food, Local Christian Prays Light Would Turn Green
Christian Living · Mar 28, 2019 ·

PHOENIX, AZ - Moved to compassion by the pitiable sight of a homeless man asking for food on the side of the road, local Christian man Paul Coulson prayed the light would turn green so he could quickly drive past without helping the man at all.

As the man stared at his car window, Coulson was cut to his heart and began pouring his heart out to the Lord, asking God to intervene and turn the light green so he could drive on before he reluctantly decided to do something.

"Lord, I see this man here, and I'm moved in my spirit to pray for him, share the gospel with him, and maybe buy him a hot meal," Coulson said. "So I just pray right now that you would make this traffic light turn green, allowing me to speed on past and shrug my shoulders, wishing I could have done more."

After a few minutes, God granted his request, and Coulson slammed the accelerator to "get the heck out of there."

"See, a lot of these people aren't actually helped by handing out food," Coulson told reporters later. "It's much better to donate to reputable charities that help the homeless." He also confirmed that he doesn't donate to these charities, but he supports them "in spirit."

At publishing time, Coulson had decided his guilt for not helping the man out was so great that next time he drives through that intersection he will cross to the other side of the road and wait in the right lane instead, putting a little distance between him and the man in need.

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