Nation's Stylists Begin Cutting Hair With Extendable Tree Clippers
Health · Apr 6, 2020 ·

U.S. - Stylists have been shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. But many have begun returning to work using an innovative new tool: 6' long extendable tree pruners. 

Armed with extendable tree pruners, hair stylists and barbers got back to work. They've also been able to fashion makeshift tools with hairdryers, combs, and hair dye brushes taped to the end of long poles.

A nation filled with scraggly-haired, increasingly shaggy citizens thanked the stylists for their brave work. They are being called "heroes" and "our saviors" for risking infection just to prevent people from looking like yetis after weeks in isolation.

"These hairdressers are the true heroes here," said one woman as she got her hair cut and colored for the first time in four weeks. "People very nearly found out what my natural hair color is -- that would have been a disaster."

"Thanks, stylists!"

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