10 Sunday School Songs Updated To Be More Inclusive
Church · Jul 28, 2022 · BabylonBee.com

Even with the COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Americans have been slow to return to church. Churches need to appeal to a broader, more diverse population if they hope to compete! To that end, here are some woke Sunday School songs that children and their woke parents will love:

  • "Zacchaeus Was A Vertically Challenged Non-Birther" – If the short-tempered Peter Dinklage heard about the "Wee Little Man," he'd be a little Grumpy.
  • "Count Your Points Of Intersectionality" – Name them one by one, then collect reparations and affirmative action promotions. You cis white males busy "counting your blessings" need not apply!
  • "When The Insurrectionists Go Marching In" – It's important that kids always remember the day democracy almost died.
  • "This Little Mask Of Mine" – I'm gonna let it shine, unless I'm pulling it down so you understand me asking "Where's your mask?"
  • "Father Abraham Had Many Children Whom He Allowed To Determine Their Own Gender" – It's good that Father Abraham knows he's not a biologist, but the name still sounds patriarchal – we'll look into it.
  • "Be Careful Little Mouths What You Tell Your Parents" – Be careful little eyes to pay attention at the drag queen story time, too – and remember, what happens in the classroom stays in the classroom.
  • "I Have Decided To Follow COVID Guidelines" – Jesus didn't even wear a mask. If he won't sacrifice himself for others, why follow him??
  • "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" – This one's about a globalist totalitarian paradise ruled by either Klaus Schwab or the antichrist – glorious!
  • "His Banner Over Me Is A Rainbow Flag" – Love is love, people – but remember, some loves are more equal than others.
  • "The White Man Built His House Upon Land He Stole From Indigenous Peoples" – Sing out, kids – let the hate flow through you!

Now go out and sow disunity and dissatisfaction. Remember to sing "Jesus Loves Me" – unless you're white!

Want proof that Jesus was a woke socialist? Look no further than these classic quotes straight from the Bible.

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