More Atheists Holding Regular Weekly Meetings To Discuss How Dumb Organized Religion Is

U.S.—A new report suggests more atheists are holding regular weekly meetings to discuss how dumb organized religion is.

The groups pick a day of the week to set aside for official meetings featuring a speech, fellowship, communal reading of Richard Dawkins books, and refreshments. Some even sing songs about their beliefs to help reinforce their lack of faith. Participants say the meetings are important because organized religion is really dumb, plus, they have this "gaping void" in their lives that can really only be met by this kind of a group.

"Can you believe those chumps buying into a belief system hook, line, and sinker?" said one speaker at a meeting in Portland. "It's like they don't understand how they're being manipulated. But not us! We will not be taken in! We don't need the crutch of spirituality too many rely on!"

"Amen!" responded a few people in the crowd enthusiastically. "Preach it--err, I mean, say it!"

At the end of the meetings, the speaker often invites people to come to the front to renounce their faith as the band plays a Bad Religion cover.

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