More Americans Call For Breakup Of Dangerous, Powerful Monopoly: The Government
Politics · May 10, 2019 ·

U.S. - According to a recent study, more and more Americans are in favor of breaking up a dangerous, powerful monopoly: the federal government.

Various activist groups have begun campaigning for the breakup of the bloated, frighteningly powerful monopoly as it became clear it was dominating the market of violence.

"The problem with a monopoly like this is they don't have to compete anymore, and they end up with way too much power over our lives," said one man in Iowa. "We must break this up into much smaller entities, like 330 million individual ones perhaps. Government would be much more nimble and effective that way."

Concerns have been raised about the government's monopoly on all spheres of life for decades, but calls for its breaking up into smaller pieces have finally just begun to gain steam.

Unfortunately, the move to break up the sprawling monopoly began to unravel as activists couldn't figure out how to build roads without the government.

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