'We Black Women Are Ignored,' Says Multimillionaire Black Woman To Millions Of Adoring Fans
Worldviews · Aug 31, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - Michelle Obama, a black woman over whom the media fawned for 8 years and beyond, said on her extremely popular podcast last week that black women are ignored and might as well not even exist in Trump's America.

She made the comments to her massive, adoring crowd of followers who worship the ground she walks on. Her statements were immediately reported on and echoed and enthusiastically shared by scores of adoring journalists, bloggers, and social media activists. Her bold statement that black women are invisible became the talk of the country for days on end.

"Nobody sees us. It's like we don't exist," said the author of a bestselling book, adored former First Lady, and incredibly successful multimillionaire. "It's like, is this thing on? Is anyone even listening to me? I might as well disappear. It's not like anybody knows who I am, and I definitely haven't gotten incredibly rich in this racist country."

Obama then grabbed a bundle of $100 bills she had lying around on the desk and wiped her tears with them.

At the end of the podcast, Obama reminded her listeners that not subscribing to her podcast and dutifully hanging on her every word is literal violence. "Remember to mash that subscribe button, or you are a racist."

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