Mary And Joseph Shocked To Find Free Stay In Stable Actually Cost $3,000 After Airbnb Cleaning Fee
Scripture · Dec 11, 2023 ·

BETHLEHEM — Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, who is called Christ, were reportedly shocked to receive an itemized bill following their "free stay" in a stable that included a $3,000 Airbnb cleaning fee.

"A cleaning fee? For what? The place was full of animals!" complained Joseph. "I didn't put them there!"

In town for the census as mandated by Governor Quirinius, Joseph failed to book a hotel room in advance but was fortunate to find a free stable on the popular Airbnb app. However, their stay was hampered by the presence of wild animals and hidden junk fees.

Sources say the bill also included a $75 "service fee," a $30 "occupancy fee," and $150 in taxes for Quirinius, the governor of Syria.

Mary reportedly tried to calm her husband until she saw the hefty price tag. "We can't afford that!" she pleaded. "Now we'll have to sell all this gold, frankincense, and myrrh!"

The stable, hosted by Airbnb user Robert, is listed as a rustic retreat for weary travelers who can't find a room at the inn. App users see no associated cost to the listing, but Airbnb does charge a fee when a booking is made.

"It's a scam!" claimed a wise Magi who was visiting from the East. "Caravans are the way to go. Tents don't have hidden fees!"

At publishing time, Mary and Joseph had traveled to Egypt and were surprised to see a tourist fee added to their extended stay.

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