Mark Driscoll Roughs Up Pastor Of New Church Plant Encroaching On His Turf
Celebs ยท Aug 12, 2016

PHOENIX, AZ - Mark Driscoll became furious over the weekend after spotting a new church plant which had popped up within a 5-mile radius of his recently-launched Trinity Church and decided to do something about it, according to sources.

Waiting for the newbie pastor to come out of his church's back door in the small business park where it is located, Driscoll reportedly jumped out from the bushes with a fierce yell, grabbed him by the collar, and shoved him up against the car.

"Stay out of my territory," Driscoll is heard growling on a surveillance camera's audio feed. "You're on my turf, son. You ever want to minister again, you get the [expletive] out of here, you hear me? I said, do you hear me?!?"

After Driscoll roughed him up a bit and forced him to empty his pockets of gospel tracts and a pocket Bible, the shaken young pastor is seen running toward his car and speeding away from the scene, an enraged Driscoll yelling after him, "How dare you!"


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