Man's Love For His Children Put To The Ultimate Test After They Erase His Video Game Save File
Entertainment · Oct 10, 2018 ·

SOUTH POINT, OH - Local father Mike Rathmann's love for his children was put to the ultimate test Wednesday when he arrived home from work to discover his children had erased his save file on Super Mario Odyssey.

Rathmann had poured hundreds of hours into the file, and had very nearly gotten every single Power Moon. He had also reportedly been nearing a complete collection of all the game's costume sets.

"Hey guys, how was your day at sch - AGH!" he cried out as he booted up his Switch, only to discover his save had been totally deleted. "What - why - who - NOOOOOOO!!!"

His unconditional love for his children was "put through the fire," as he tried desperately to bite his tongue and not say anything he would later regret. "Hey, my little munchkins, does anybody know why Daddy's save file that he put 200 hours into has been deleted? Aiden, Leia, Zelda? Do you guys know anything about that?"

Finally, his son Aiden confessed he was playing with the Switch controllers, pretending they were lightsabers, when he may have accidentally gone through the menu options and erased Rathmann's file. "I'm real sorry, dad," he said.

At publishing time, Rathmann had asked for a little alone time in his study to deal with his anger and start up a new Super Mario Odyssey save file.


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