Man’s Busy Schedule Forces Him To Start Skipping The Gym At Night Instead Of Skipping In The Morning
Life · Apr 12, 2023 ·

LEE'S SUMMIT, MO — Due to an increasingly packed daily schedule, a local man was recently forced to start skipping his workouts at night instead of his normal practice of skipping his workouts in the mornings.

"There's just too much going on right now," said Josh Wears. "I just don't have the available time to skip out on my workouts in the morning before I head to the office, so I really have no choice but to start skipping them at night after the kids go to bed. That's really the only way I'll be able to keep skipping my workouts."

At the outset of 2023, Josh had resolved to get back into the habit of exercising every day to stay in shape. An increased workload at his job, more responsibilities at his church, and his family obligations soon led to him skipping his workouts and instead making it a nightly ritual of saying "I really need to get back to working out." Life has become so hectic, however, that skipping workouts in the morning is simply no longer realistic. "The amount of time I need to skip my workouts in the morning just doesn't make it an option," he continued. "Once things slow down a little bit, I can get back to ignoring my exercise in the mornings instead of ignoring it before bed."

At publishing time, Wears was looking into purchasing expensive home gym equipment that will sit unused in his basement and allow him to skip his workouts at home instead of skipping driving to the gym every day.

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