Man Who Works From Home To Be Close To Family Also Kinda Wishes Family Would Leave Him Alone While He's Working
Family · Feb 27, 2024 ·

TULSA, OK — Local man John Monson told close friends he really loves working from home and spending more time with his family but also that he sort of wishes his family would leave him alone while he works.

"I mean, I love all the time I get to see the kids and Kelly," Monson commented. "I just also wish they wouldn't knock on the door of my office every ten minutes asking if I can fix something, if I've seen their keys, if I can watch them do a back flip off the couch…I have a lot to get done during the day in order to, you know, make money to support the people who keep interrupting me making money."

Monson started working remotely about six months ago to see more of his family. This decision was heavily supported by his wife Kelly and their four kids, who say they've definitely been able to see more of John now that he's just a door-pounding away.

"I love having him so available all day," Kelly said. "I've been on my own with the kids during the day for so many years, it's amazing to have him close by whenever I need him to watch the baby for a quick sec or pick up one of the kids from piano or show me how to work the TV. So convenient!"

As of publishing time, John was seen searching for local office space and installing a soundproof door and extra installation in his home office.

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