Man Takes Wife On Date To Very Expensive Restaurant Only To Find McFlurry Machine Broken
Life · Dec 14, 2023 ·

HUTCHINSON, KS — A local couple's first night out together in months got off to a rocky start, as a man took his wife out to dinner at a very expensive restaurant only to be left disappointed after learning the McFlurry machine was broken.

"Seriously? That puts a damper on the whole vibe for the night!" said Marvin Nash. "I was looking forward to throwing some real cash around tonight for my wife and splurging on a pricey dinner, but they told us the McFlurry machine is shut down for repairs. What bad luck!"

Marvin and his wife, Brenda, had been anticipating throwing caution to the wind and shelling out a significant amount of money on their meal. "We knew we'd be looking at a big bill at the end of the night, what with Big Mac meals costing what they do these days," Brenda said. "But hearing the McFlurry machine is out of commission is a real bummer. We don't spend this much on dinner very often."

"This is what we get for wanting to live the high life for one night every now and then," Marvin said. "You break your back at work every day for months to save up enough money to take your bride out for an expensive dinner, and this is what you have to deal with. What a shame."

At publishing time, the Nashes had decided to leave the restaurant and instead go to dinner at the nearest Five Guys, with the understanding that it would make it necessary to forego paying their electric bill for the next couple of months.

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