Man Successfully Hides Drumming Ability From Worship Leader For 10 Years
Church · May 1, 2017 ·

WAUKESHA, WI - In what commentators are calling an inspirational story of uncommon bravery and willpower, local man Jim Etheridge, 33, revealed Monday he had successfully hidden his ability to play the drums from his church's worship leader for over 10 years.

Despite having formal training in various forms of percussion, Etheridge never once let on that he had the talent necessary to serve in the worship band as needed, sources confirmed.

The man has sat through dozens of pleas from the pulpit for more volunteers to help out with whatever talents God had given each believer, but according to other church members, "Jim was a rock."

"Jimmy's an inspiration to all of us," church bassist Willy "Pluckin" Hassey said. "I lasted only six months here before I let slip that I know how to slap out a wicked bass lick."

"Now I'm stuck in rehearsals twice a week playing the same progression over and over," he added, shaking his head.

After the church's worship leader caught on that Etheridge could play the drums, Etheridge immediately transferred his membership to another church across town, in hopes that he could keep his secret just as long this time around, sources confirmed.

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