Man Quotes C.S. Lewis On Facebook, Immediately Awarded Honorary Bible Degree
Christian Living · Aug 8, 2018 ·

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SAN ANTONIO, TX - Local man John Boudreau was immediately granted an honorary Bible degree from Grace Christian College & Seminary in San Antonio just moments after he posted a C.S. Lewis quote on Facebook Wednesday afternoon.

Boudreau copy-pasted the quote from a Christian website and pressed "enter," prompting seminary representatives to reach out to him, notifying the man that he would be receiving an honorary M.Div for his outstanding achievements in the field of theological thought.

"Mr. Boudreau has advanced theological studies by 20 or 30 years, at least," said Dr. Gary Varner, New Testament professor at GCCS. "We are all indebted to him for his ability to find cool C.S. Lewis quotes on the internet and post them on social media."

"I humbly accept this honor," Boudreau said in a speech delivered to reporters gathered on his front lawn. "Finally, my contributions to Christianity are being recognized."

The man also reportedly overlaid the text atop a picture of himself at the beach and posted it to Instagram, causing several other Bible seminaries to reach out and offer honorary upper-level degrees to him. His work is being called "revolutionary" and "refreshing" by Bible scholars all around the world from various Christian traditions.

At publishing time, Boudreau had been granted the title of Doctor in Theology for reading the laudatory comments on the back of a Tim Keller book.

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