Man Pretends To Understand G.K. Chesterton Book
Christian Living · Nov 24, 2020 ·

ONTARIO, CA - Local man Kyle Nicolay settled in with a men's group to read some G.K. Chesterton this week.

Though he did not understand a word of the chapter, Nicolay pretended he had multiple profound revelations throughout the reading.

"Hmm, yes, I love the way he says the thing about the thing," he said thoughtfully. "Fascinating."

"What did you think about his point about the ever-diminishing, perfectly logical circle of the madman? Wow. So prescient," said Nicolay's good friend, Ethan Manning.

"I know! I was just going to say -- it's like he was writing this in 2020!" Nicolay said, also pretending to know how to smoke a pipe so he'd fit in with the group. "With the circles, and the madman, and the logic, and all that stuff. Wow. I'm speechless."

His friends all murmured their agreement and nodded quietly, apparently soaking in Chesterton's genius.

At publishing time, his companions had all admitted they too had no idea what Chesterton was talking about. All agreed the man was quite likely either high on some kind of drug, completely insane, or a genius the likes of which this world will never see again.


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