Man Prays He Will One Day Be As Good Of A Father As Bluey's Dad
Christian Living · Aug 4, 2022 ·

PARK CITY, UT — Local Dad Adam Major has been praying fervently that one day, someway, somehow that he will be as good of a Dad as the Dad from Bluey, Bandit Heeler.

"Here I thought I was a fine Dad, until I started watching Bluey with the kids. Now I realize I'm not even half as fun, creative, or adventurous with my girls as he is," said Adam Major during his daily prayers. "Help me to be a Dad like Bandit Heeler who brings joy to his girls by encouraging their imagination by making them laugh as they learn."

Adam continued, "Show me how to become a father that's ready to activate ‘Dance Mode' at a moment's notice in public, suddenly transform into any creature in the animal kingdom, and make inanimate objects come to life."

According to his wife, Sarah Grace, Adam‘s prayers seem to be bearing fruit already. She‘s spotted him making the girls giggle uncontrollably playing with them as if they were oversized musical instruments, and pretending to be controlled by them as they waved a spatula. He even showed them the importance of saying 'please' by pretending not to hear them at all until they said it.

At publishing time, Adam was spotted in the backyard trying to tame his left arm which had just transformed into an unruly rooster that kept trying to eat the girl's shoes.

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