Loudly Booing Man Escorted Away From Ron DeSantis's Inauguration
Politics · Jan 4, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

TALLAHASSEE, FL — This week, Ron DeSantis was inaugurated to serve another 4-year term as Florida's 46th Governor following his overwhelming reelection last November. During the proceedings, an obnoxious heckler began booing and shouting, forcing security to escort him out of the audience.

"Look at Little Ronnie, just sitting there squinting – his fingers aren't even in a dominant power steeple like a real leader!" Video footage of the inauguration depicts confused crowd members turning around to identify the source of boos and anti-DeSantis chants, incredulous to find them coming from an elderly orange gentleman in the middle of the crowd.

The ceremony was mostly marked by roaring applause from the crowd as the band played patriotic songs, former governors and visiting dignitaries were recognized, and the Chief Justice prepared to administer the oath of office. Several exclamations of "De-throne De-Sanctimonious!" punctuated the otherwise stirring celebration, with the Governor seeming unperturbed even as shouts about "stolen 2020 election" and "NFT trading cards" grew more frequent and disruptive during his rousing victory speech.

Peace was only fully restored when security intervened to remove the source of the disturbance, escorting him to the gate, with "No-Class-Santis" and other inaudible insults still being shouted by the agitated man.

At publishing time, an anonymous caller introduced as "Johnald Brump" had reiterated several of the insults from the rally on a call to Fox & Friends, causing the hosts to shift uncomfortably when the caller tried to start the same chants that had failed to catch on at the inauguration ceremony.

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